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The nose stylus for smartphones – Belgium-iPhone

Curious invention proposed by the nigmatic designer Dominic Wilcox who imagined and designed a prototype of stylus affixing on the nose to use your smartphone ?in all quitude? in your bathtub.

One would have thought that this is an accessory dedicated to the iPhone intended to be disclosed on April 1, but it would not be, designer Wilcox apparently takes this very seriously. The search for a solution allowing him to hold his smartphone firmly with one hand and to be able to navigate "safely", the absurd idea came to him to create a capacitive stylus to affix … on the nose. Equipped with a rubber band, the stylus-nose is made from plaster but incorporates at its end a material capable of reproducing the touch of the finger, the user can therefore scroll the Internet pages from top to bottom while nodding and even type text.

"Extremely precise"

Wilcox does not fail to praise the precision demonstrated by his invention but nevertheless indicates having wiped a light fail when sending an inaugural tweet with his nose stylus, ?I just wanted to warn that I was tweeting with my nose but the iPhone self-correction replaced my text with? Hello, I meet my nose ??. note that this little msaventure would have made him lose some followers on the microblogging site. A drama?

The designer would not be the first try for the creation of elements for the less extraordinary. He also designed "luxury ricochets" covered by 24-carat gold leaf and contained in a leather pouch. He is also the author of a sticker placed on bikes or cars that simulates rust and acts as a kind of anti-theft device.

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