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The iPad in whiteboard – Belgium-iPhone

A small alternative solution for those who would not want to break their piggy bank to get an iPad but who would nevertheless like to display themselves in style. It?s actually a whiteboard that illustrates the famous touch pad. Even if this accessory is obviously devoid of a multitouch screen, it nevertheless benefits from a treatment that will allow you to erase your notes as you wish like a simple blackboard but with style!

Note that the iPad Dry Erase Board, that's its name, comes with two erasable markers and stickers that you can use to present, for example, an iPad application project. An accessory which can therefore even prove very useful for iOS developers.

Available at UI Stencils for less than $ 25.

Note that this online store offers other accessories also derived from the iPad and also the iPhone.

We discuss it on the forum.

Thanks @flexyflow for the info!