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The first white iPhone 4 ages badly

While Apple was planning to mass produce the white iPhone 4 in 2010, the process was halted because the results obtained in the white layer did not meet Apple's demanding specifications. If you believe Nick Bilton, manager of the Blog Bits of the New York Times, the Cupertino company did very well not to start production of its white iPhone 4 at the time because the machine originally produced ?by way of test ?would tend to age badly.

Evidence from photos recently published by Nick Bilton revealing a white iPhone 4, released from production lines in 2010 and bought a year ago for the modest sum of $ 1,000 from a person who had relations with the Foxconn production plant. The result is clear: the white iPhone 4 designed at first would suffer from a discoloration effect: it would tend to turn yellow!

There is no doubt that Apple may have taken steps to improve the white color quality of its "new iPhone 4" and that it should be able to age better. At least, that's what we hope …

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