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Success for the Nuances SDK

Nuance Communications has offered developers the opportunity since January to download their development kit. Name Nuance Mobile Developer Program, the latter allows developers to integrate voice recognition technology (Dragon Mobile) into their applications.

And the success of downloading this kit was not expected since it was 2,500 developers who decided to exploit the technology of the firm. Today, around twenty applications using the Dragon Mobile engine are already available on the App Store. Among them, Nuances highlights iTranslate from the Sonico editor which allows you to dictate iPhone expressions in order to obtain translation from several languages ??offered. Another, AirYell which allows you to find hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, and many other services, simply using voice recognition and location. A last one, Taskmind which allows you to take notes quickly while using the voice.

Remember thata partnership would seem to be in order between Apple and Nuances which would herald the arrival of Dragon Mobile technology at the very heart of iOS 5.

We discuss it on the forum.