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Pieces2Mobile: the widest choice of iPhone spare parts

iPhoneHaving your iPhone repaired by Apple is recommended, especially if you have purchased Apple Care. However if you are a little handyman or a iPhone repair professional and you have repaired an iPhone which is no longer under warranty, buying spare parts for iPhone can be much more economical.

pieces2mobile original iphone spare parts quality

Where to find inexpensive spare parts from iPhone

On the Internet you find everything and anything, and especially anything. When it comes to buying iPhone parts for a small refurbishment, it really is not advisable to just look for the lowest prices.

Quality iPhone spare parts above all

Indeed, the quality of the spare parts, iPhone battery, iPhone screen, antenna, FaceTime camera, camera, iPhone charge connector, etc. is essential to maintain the iPhone experience that stands out from other smartphones low cost of the market. Replacing a iPhone screen with a screen that is not the height could very well lead you to change it again as the difference in color and reactivity can be palpable and confusing.

Thus, to buy original or generic iPhone spare parts of similar quality, marketplaces are not always the best ones and to avoid any unpleasant surprises. It is better to turn to well-established trusted sellers like Pieces2Mobile which offers a very wide choice of original Apple spare parts, generic and refurbished, and which acts as a reference for repair professionals iPhone and iPad, at indicated prices. duty free and even more advantageous rates for professional customers if they create an account on the platform.

A notch diPhone X 139 euros!

As an example we could take the generic iPhone X screen (soft OLED) with chassis which costs only 139 euros HT and hardly more than a hundred euros for a registered professional.

Tools and accessories for iPhone

Rather than leaving your iPhone naked, as beautiful as its curves, it is better to adorn it with a nice little protection in tempered glass for the screen, discreet and effective, and complete it with a protective shell or opt for a case. You will also find all the iPhone accessories you need on, as well as a wide variety of iPhone disassembly and reassembly tools.

A shop selling spare parts for iPhone professionals

Professionals who want to see the iPhone batteries, iPhone screens, iPhone buttons and other iPhone components with their own eyes can go to a dedicated showroom at Aubervilliers at 90, rue de La Haie Coq, building 243 on the 1st floor.

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