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No more traces of the white iPhone 4

Many of you have reported the temporary closure of the Apple Online Store this morning. We did not consider it useful to relate the information in the sense that it was not long to reopen and nothing new was revealed. This unexpected closure, however, had the effect of letting some people believe that the long-awaited white iPhone 4 was about to land, it did not happen.

It's still the mystery surrounding the release of the white iPhone 4, which is now 8 months behind schedule and whose marketing is still officially scheduled for Spring. We still do not know more about this subject and force to wait, aficionados are ready to see the arrival of a n-ime communicated repelling the product or finally announcing its cancellation.

Anyway, the file of the iPhone 4 does not seem to move and worse, a source close to the retailers of the firm Apple says that the model or at least its reference would have disappeared altogether Apple product inventory management listings.

By keeping a little hope of seeing the product land soon, one would think that the Cupertino company has simply changed the reference of the iPhone 4 in order to cause trouble, or not?

As a reminder, an analyst recently claimed that the arrival of the white iPhone 4 was expected in April.

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