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New kinds of components for the white iPhone 4

It's no longer a secret, Apple had a hard time before it could (finally) embark on large-scale production of the white iPhone 4. While at the base, it was simply a different color, the first prototypes from production lines quickly revealed their faults such as ?leaks? of light linked to the backlight, the presence of a white veil on photos taken with flash, or the somewhat recalcitrant proximity sensor.

This is all part of the past and our peeling of the white iPhone has shown that it is good for service.

Thanks to the support of our technician, we were able to verify whether these essential modifications had been the subject of certain changes in terms of internal components.

A new flash diffuser

The first improvement concerns this new diffuser, entirely designed in metal, and which certainly contributes a better propagation of the light, when the flash mode of the camera is active. This well studied diffuser also allows better concentration of light fluxes and should avoid any unwanted effect on pictures.

A new internal covering of the rear hull

The white iPhone 4 has an extra layer on the inside of the back. There is no doubt that this layer, made of an aluminum sheet, has been made essential to solve the problems of "leaks" related to the backlighting of the LCD screen.

A new proximity sensor

Although the difference is not visible to the naked eye, except at the level of the new darkened skylight, just above the speaker, everything suggests that it is a revised and corrected model that is in place on the iPhone 4 white. Nevertheless, several reports published on the specialized site iFixit mention this new proximity sensor, even on the black iPhone, since the adoption by Apple of "anti-opening" security screws of the pentalobe type.

Finally, unlike the information circulating on the web, and coming from the Japanese blog MacOtakara, there is no difference between the rear camera of the white iPhone and that of the black iPhone. They are strictly identical.

The announcement of a recessed lens on the white iPhone 4 was simply linked to the fact that on the diffused photo, the photo sensor of the black iPhone (left) does not have the thickness of foam, adds to the assembly time (see photo 1), which guarantees perfect stability when the rear side is in place.

We discuss it on the forum.

(Crdit photos: Belgium-iPhone – MacOtakara)