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New illegal application removed from the App Store

Momentary success for the Any Music Downloader (AMD) application, which had managed to surpass the famous angry birds on the App Store ranking. While the application was initially accepted by Apple, the validation service of the Cupertino company revised its decision to finally remove it from the application catalog.

It was very practical, however, the Any Music Downloader (AMD) application. Offered for a few weeks on the App Store at a price of $ 10, the latter caused a real craze when its price was lowered … $ 2. And for good reason, the app allowed, no more and no less, to download songs for free via illegal sites. AMD used a technique which consisted of using a webapp to recover the disputed files (which certainly did not appear to Apple at first). The big advantage of the application is that it consisted on the one hand to offer its users to be able to listen to the songs in streaming but also to be able to also save them in its? iTunes library: to the chagrin of the Majors and above all, of the iTunes Store!

Finally, it is astonishing that Apple could have authorized the application at first, especially since its title was however very explicit.

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