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Kuboku offered this Tuesday – Belgium-iPhone

Kuboku, the 3D Sudoku game developed by the Mons-based company Creaceed is available for free today.

As a reminder, Kuboku is:

– A game that transposes the rules of traditional sudoku into 2D 3D using a cube of 8x8x8. – 1,000 games divided into 3 levels of difficulty for hours of play – The possibility of playing the game of your choice – An integration with the Apple Game Center to compare its results with those of other players.

In practice :

– Kuboku is a universal application that adapts both the iPhone and iPod touch screens and the iPad screen. – It requires iOS 3.1 or higher (and iOS 4.1 to use the Game Center). – The game normally scores 1.59 and is available in French, English and German.

download on the App Store.

We discuss it on the forum.