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IPhone Traage: Steve Jobs' Answer

?Unlike Androd smartphones, we don't track anyone. The information that circulates through the media is totally wrong ?, said the C.E.O. of the apple brand, in response to an email sent by a reader of the site MacRumors. The latter had not hesitated to ask for an explanation from Steve Jobs in person, mentioning: "Can you explain to me the reason for the presence of a passive tracking tool within the iPhone? It?s very embarrassing to know that each of your movements are recorded in the device. If you could shine a light on this subject, it might save me from competing like Androd. They – at least – don't track you! ?.

As usual, the few responses Steve Jobs is asked to write are very brief and provide no basis for argument.

However, from a technical point of view, the Apple boss is not wrong. Indeed, the two researchers fromO?Reilly, the origin of this case, could only detect vague geolocation data, and only relating to triangulation via GSM networks and WiFi antennas. Although it lacks precision, this information is particularly useful for improving the performance of certain applications present on the device.

However, the experts from O?Reilly found no record of relative data of precise locations, such as those generated by the internal GPS chip of the iPhone or iPad 3G.

Finally, nothing is less certain about another potential use of this exploitable data. Whether for advertising purposes or to better understand user habits, the possibilities – even driven – are numerous and there is a good chance that Apple will have to give precise accounts this time to the responsible authorities.

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