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IPhone traage: encryption will be generalized in iOS 5

Apple presented this Tuesday before a commission of the American Snat their policy as regards collection and management of the personal data.

Apple?s vice president of software technology, Bud Tribble, called the American Snat to discuss privacy issues following the iPhone tracking their GPS chip. He appeared before Alan Davidson, other experts and lawyers.

Bud Tribble repeated it once again during its hearing, the database where the positions of iOS devices are stored has never been used to track customers of the apple brand. As a reminder, the Consolidated.db file contains positioning data by triangulation and Wi-Fi access points to allow faster geolocation. Since this iPhone tracking affair that broke up several weeks ago, Apple has released a destination patch for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 to allow the iPhone to empty this cache regularly.

But Apple is not to be outdone since they said they wanted to globally encrypt this cache in iOS 5 and reduce it to the bare minimum.

Customers also wanted to know how Apple and Google collect information about the apps in their respective online stores. They want to reflect on whether or not to publish an explicit privacy and harvesting policy for each app available on the App Store.

In response, Bud Tribble admits that the app store validation process does not sufficiently support the privacy policy that should be followed by all iOS developers. Apple's wish would therefore be to place visual indicators in iOS on the way in which the applications of the App Store collect personal data during the last 24 hours.

Apple therefore seems to admit that a lot of work remains to be done and that they will take this ?locationgate? into account for the next major update of the mobile operating system: iOS 5.

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