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iPhone 11: the shells indicate a new position of the Apple logo

iphone xi iphone 11 iconIt is now official, Apple will hold its next keynote on September 10 and will take the opportunity to present its new generation of iPhone.

If we already know a lot about the device, including the new triple camera system, new information is arriving today: a possible change of the Apple logo on the back of the phone.

Indeed, photos posted on Slashleaks show a small change in design, with the apple a little lower than usual.

iphone11 logo middle1

Apple shifts to the back of the iPhone 11?

But, why such a change? Quite simply to accommodate the new area of ??the camera, more imposing than usual: thus, the space between the logo and the latter was a little too minimal.

Another reason would also be to show the owners of the new iPhone the ideal position to charge the wireless device, so that the latter is perfectly centered.

We would also talk about the disappearance of the name "iPhone" on the back of the device: a great first for Apple!

Small precision: the photo above represents copies of the future accessory of Apple, manufactured by Chinese companies.

family photo iphone xi iphone 11 pro max