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iOS 11.4: HomePod's stereo function is back

homepod apple iconRather than making "hacks" to have a stereo sound with two HomePods, Apple has provided a small software solution that had made a brief appearance in iOS 11.3 before disappearing.

With iOS 11.4 released last night, the HomePod's stereo pairing is back. Obviously, to do so you must have updated your speaker under the last beta, something still impossible this morning because the firmware is not yet released.

homepod stereo ios 11.4

HomePod: stereo sound

From the iPhone, you can go to the speaker settings via the Home app and find the option to output sound in stereo. On the other hand, the system then indicates that "an update of the HomePod software is necessary to complete the configuration of the stereo pair".

While waiting for the firmware of the HomePod with this new feature, we can hope for a release in Europe, and therefore in France, Belgium, Switzerland and other of the enclosure with Siri. iOS 11.4 should be in final version around May / June, just before the first iOS 12 beta.