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ImmoVlan has its iPhone application

If you are looking for a house, a villa, an apartment or even other real estate in Belgium, with more than 80,000 advertisements for sale or rental, the reference site Immovlan, offers you to do your research now through its new iPhone application.

Once the application launches, it will prompt you to choose your type of property sought, sale or rental. Indicate your type of property (apartment, house, office, garage, etc.), then enter the postal code of the desired location (you can also taler your search on a longer distance), indicate your budget, a minimum of room, then start your search!

Research carried out, a selection of goods is proposed to you, this is displayed in the form of a list including the price, the number of rooms and the place but can also be displayed in a more simplified format, in other words by a selection of photos. Then, you are free to sort the results according to the price, number of rooms and by postal code. Do not hesitate to save the goods you have listed in your favorites for later consultation.

Finally and to finish with "the icing on the cake", the application allows you to search for properties according to your location using the principle of geolocation. Launch the functionality, the application will directly locate you on the map and, from the moment you are connected to the Internet, display the goods available for sale or rental, depending on your location! Then head to the map and click on the pins to get more details. A feature that could also come in handy when on the go!

Ultimately, ImmoVlan for iPhone turns out to be a well-crafted application for its first version. Everything has been done so that the user can easily search for a property without having to enter too many parameters. Significant time savings for a very practical service which will prove to be an excellent alternative to the site of reference.

Download ImmoVlan for iPhone free from the App Store.

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