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How to Start LG G7 ThinQ in Safe Mode wiki useful Technobezz

Having tons of apps on a great phone like the LG G7 ThinQ sounds fantastic. But, not all apps that you download from the Play Store offer the same quality in terms of performance. Some applications may be slow, buggy and can often freeze or crash. This is mainly because the applications are badly coded. Also, not all application developers update their applications frequently, and not all of them focus on bug fixes. We say this for a simple reason – a poorly coded application can cause many problems, from slowness to random restarts. The easiest way to determine if one of the third-party applications is causing the problem is to start your device in safe mode. We will show you the steps to get there. Let's see how to start the LG G7 ThinQ in safe mode.

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How does Safe Mode work?

It?s quite simple. You start your phone in safe mode (the steps are listed below), then observe the behavior of the phone. In safe mode, all third-party applications are disabled. So you can only use those that are pre-installed. If the phone is working normally, no random restarts, slowness, or other issues that bothered you, it means that one of the third-party apps is causing the problem.

If so, you will need to remove third-party applications until the problem is resolved in normal mode. Or, if it seems like too much work, you can opt for a factory data reset. It will delete everything on your phone and you will need to configure it from scratch.

How to start LG G7 ThinQ in safe mode

Here's how to start your LG G7 in safe mode:

  • Make sure your phone is on
  • Press and hold the power button until the shutdown menu appears.
  • Now press and hold the dye option
  • You will see a popup message about restarting in safe mode
  • Press OK
  • Your device will start in safe mode
  • You will see Safe Mode in the lower left corner of the screen.

Now use your phone for a while and see how it performs. As we explained earlier, if the problems are gone, it means that one of the third-party applications is causing the problem. When you're done, just restart your phone as usual. It will start in normal mode.

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