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how to record your PC video screen with the game bar

If you're looking for a way to videotape what you're doing on your computer, you probably don't need to install third-party software. Windows 10 includes a tool, the Xbox Game Bar, intended for gamers, which allows you to take a video capture of what is displayed on the screen.

The utility only allows you to record video games, but it is quite possible to divert its use to make it record other content with some exceptions. The Xbox Game Bar is not capable of recording the file explorer or the desktop. Windows 10. For all the other applications, it is enough to make it believe that these are games. Demonstration.

1. Activate the game bar

Click on the menu Start to get to them Windows settings. Enter the menu Games and check that the game bar is in mode Activ.

Below are the various keyboard shortcuts to use the various functions of the game bar.

2. Configure the settings of the Gamebar

In the side menu, go to the tab dedicated to Catches. All video captures made with the game bar are saved by default in the directory:

C: Users YourPC Videos Captures

Then scroll through the settings in the game bar and customize your preferences. You can thus choose to record the audio data, to define the frequency of video frames of your capture, to opt for a high quality of capture or to Capture the mouse cursor in the recordings, or not.

3. Start a recording

Open the application (or the game) of which you want to record a video capture and activate the games bar using the keyboard shortcut Windows + G.

The game bar is displayed and presents several components: capture, audio, performances, as well as a central bar allowing to display or hide each element. You can manage all the technical parameters of your video capture from these menus.

Then click on the record button to start the video capture, then click on the window of the program whose video capture you want to take.

A small control window is displayed on the side and will allow you to stop video recording when you have finished what you want to record.

The generated video file, in MP4 format, is automatically saved in the previously mentioned directory. You can access it quickly by displaying the game bar again using the shortcut Windows + G, then by clicking on the menu Show all captures present in the pane Capture.

A gallery with all the captures made is displayed. You can view each one directly, or access the directory in which they are stored by clicking on Open location when a file is selected, or by clicking directly on the icon appearing in a folder.