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How to change the background image of Google

Google uses a solid, white color as the background. This means that the choice of color must be visually appealing to all audiences. However, by continuously using Google throughout the day, we can get bored with the design. We may want something that can motivate us. We can also like to have something personalized. For example, a favorite color or a nice photo of our pets. Sometimes we may need a theme that acts as a mood board to remind us of the themes of the project. Therefore, in this article, we will show you how to change the Google background image.

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How to change the background image of Google


We can choose to use two options. The first option is to use predefined themes offered by Google users. The second is to use the personalization function to personalize our Chrome browser. We will go through the two options in this article. However, note that these steps only work in the Chrome browser. They do not work in other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox.

How to change the background image of Google

Activation of predefined themes

This option allows us to use themes already downloaded. Please note that while some themes can be used free of charge, some are paid themes. The changes made by the themes include the change of the search bar and new tab columns.

First, launch your Chrome browser. Select a new tab if you have other tabs open to avoid losing the pages you have opened. Locate an icon with three dots in the upper right corner of your browser. Click on this icon to display the drop-down bar. Among the options available, there should be one called Parameters. Select this option.

Second, in the settings, look for the option called Appearance. It should be on the left side of your screen. The Themes option should appear after you have selected appearance. Choosing this option will redirect you to the Chrome online store.

In the Chrome online store, you can search for themes that suit you. After selecting a topic that suits you, you can scroll down to read the overview. This will give a general description of the theme. It also indicates if your device is compatible with the theme.

Finally, you can reset the theme if you don't like it. Going back to Themes, there is an option to reset the theme to default. Another way to do this is to click the Cancel button immediately after installing it. This brings us back to the starting box. So we can use it to express other themes at our convenience.

Use of the personalization function

Using this option we can upload more personal content such as photographs. Under this function, we can also choose to refresh the background daily.

Launch your Chrome browser and make sure it opens on the new tab page. In the lower right corner, the customize option should appear. It could also appear as a pencil icon.

Then select this function. This should lead to the appearance of a pop-up. This pop-up window includes options for selecting from a theme or for downloading from your device.

If you choose to download from your device, click on this option and select the file you want to download. Otherwise, you can choose from the available themes. Choosing from the available themes allows you to activate the daily refresh function. Thus, a new image from images in the theme will appear every day.

Finally, you can customize the color of your search bar under the Color and theme option.