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HipstaCase 100 – Belgium-iPhone

If you are fans of the Hipstamatic application and you are looking for an iPhone (or iPod touch 4G) case to say the least original, the editor of the photography application – in partnership with the props manager Agent 18 – is preparing to market a case incorporating the design of the case vintage found in the app ?but that's not all …

The Hipstacase 100, that's its name, also comes with a tripod specially designed for the case and which will allow you to take certain shots with even more ease.

Finally, the Hipstacase pack is sold at a price of $ 39.95 also includes a strap to hang the case and suddenly, your iPhone 4 (or iPod touch 4G) will look like a real camera of the 80s.

Available now in pre-order and delivery costs are free if you use the promo code GIMMENOW.

We discuss it on the forum.