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Flash Info: Mobistar formalizes the sale of the white iPhone 4

The white iPhone 4 is now available for sale officially in Belgium since 10am this morning in Mobistar Center.

Shortly before 10 a.m. this morning, Belgium-iPhone had made the move by targeting one of the group's flagship stores, located in the Brussels region of Evere, in the very building housing the central headquarters of Mobistar for Belgium. was not a cat entering the store (the photo above was taken at 10 a.m.).

The launch also appears calm in several Mobistar Center o, for the time being, no queue has been reported by our members. Stocks should be sufficient for this official launch day of the white model of the iPhone 4.

If you plan to go to a Mobistar Center today to get the white iPhone 4, do not hesitate to tell us about your experience on possible queues and / or if stocks are not available in certain places. We will resume the best testimonies this evening, in order to return to this day of launch of the white iPhone 4 at Mobistar.

White iPhone 4s have a serial number that starts with MC 604 for the 16Gb model and MC 606 for the 32Gb model.

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