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Delhaize launches its own iPhone app

Find a Delhaize close to where you are, get your points Plus even if you forgot your card at home, or even send the Chri dinner shopping list because we don't have time! : This is possible thanks to the Delhaize application for iPhone.

Delhaize has just made its iPhone application available on the App Store. The latter allows you to locate a store, check its opening hours and display the route to get there as quickly as possible. You can also list your shopping there (no need to use the Notes function) and share this list with the other family members who do the shopping.

Finally, you no longer have to pay for your points when you have forgotten your loyalty card: the app gives a digital version always handy, since it is portable.

Download the Delhaize app for free from the App Store.

We discuss it on the forum.

Presentation of the application in pictures:

– The home screen of the application offers 4 choices on the menu: Stores, Shopping list, Carte-plus and Delhaize Direct.

– The ?Stores? feature allows you to find the nearest store based on where you are located. Access the details and opening hours of all of the brand's stores.

– Shopping list: edit and share your shopping lists, add comments and quantities. Note that suggested articles appear when you enter their first letters …

– Carte-Plus: use the application to register your loyalty card. Then use the landscape mode of your iPhone to display the Carte Plus in full screen. According to the first feedback, it works much better than a simple photo of your loyalty card saved in the library of your iPhone!

– Delhaize Direct: this is the possibility of finding a video tutorial explaining the principle of being able to order your shopping through the brand's website; if you don?t have time to do your shopping, for example.

Video presentation: