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BiP Zapping – Belgium-iPhone

Welcome to this new edition of our Zapping where you will find among other things a pleasant way to plan with Magic Plan, Across-Age DX one of the quintessential RPG games and this idea ofHusqvarna out of the ordinary but that will make your life easier when it comes to mowing your lawn.

Game and application reviews of the week :

Alexander's jokes: Alexander's jokes are, as the name suggests, an application that lists no less than 400 jokes. The design is well thought out and the application brings a few more things like being able to share the joke on Facebook, email or even by sms. This is an app to keep if you are short of inspiration in the evening. More details here.

Magic Plan: Magic Plan can be very handy for making plans for your house or apartment fairly quickly using your iPhone camera. The advantage is always to have your measurements in your pocket when you go to Ikea or Brico (for example). More details here.

Across-Age DX: This game is priced at 0.79 for a hard limit. You will find a small review of this new DX version which offers Retina support and many other things. More details here.

D.A.R.K. : Chillingo offers us a trailer of their future game. In view of this video, we can expect a good game. More details here.

The Cydia app of the week: AppTag simply allows you to add a badge with text to an icon on your Springboard. More details here.

The video of the week: Christopher Locke is, we can say, a jazz enthusiast. The latter is so so that he set out to transform a trumpet into a speaker for his iPhone. Quite astonishing as a result.

The accessory of the week: Husqvarna decided to surf the iVague by offering no more and no less the first mower that can be controlled via iPhone. Its name is Automower and is equipped with a GPS. Obviously, all this is possible by installing the free app that comes with it. Think of all the advantages: being able to start your mower, for example, from your workplace or even your sofa. The possibility of sending an SMS also t think of it in case of a problem for example. Its price: 1500. More details here.

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