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Apple wants to defend the name "Mac" on the web

It is common to see Apple defend the rights of its patents, going to court to win their case. In the same way, it would seem that the apple company decided to continue from now on on the web the sites having had the bad idea to place the word ?Mac? in their brand name?

App4Mac is one of them: This site specializing in the manufacture of applications for Mac OS X since 2001, has just received a letter of lawyer urging the site to change its name within ten days under penalty of legal proceedings.

The management of the site split a slightly bitter statement following the verbal authorizations which they had been able to benefit from until:

?Apple is contacting website managers asking them to stop using the Mac name for their company or business name. Clearly, our company app4mac received a letter from a lawyer requesting this change within 10 days! While we have been operating under this name since 2004 with the verbal agreement of several senior Apple officials working in Cupertino. Upon contacting the law firm responsible for this letter, we also learned that this affects all websites. The use of the word Mac is now banned.

The ironic part is that it turns out that our company has decided to merge the app4mac and app4touch brands with a new, unique and simpler brand and that the launch of the new website was planned for June 1 to celebrate the 10 years of the company. , but we?re still shocked by Apple?s new strategy. Our company has been making applications for Mac OS X since 2001 and was in the first 50 companies to believe in the success of the system. It makes us a little bitter to be contacted by Apple like that. ?

If confirmed, there may be many other sites receiving this type of mail in the near future.

Several questions also come to mind: Is it feasible for Apple to banish from the web a term as frequent as ?Mac?? What about the other proprietary names of the Cupertino company: iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc … If all the sites which use their names in these words are followed up, is there not a risk of leading to a real sling of dissatisfaction?

We discuss it on the forum.

Via Mac4Ever.