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Apple Pauses Walkie Talkie Feature for iPhone

Apple Pauses Walkie Talkie Feature for iPhone – iPhone Soft

walkie talkie icon ipa iphone app According to a new report published by our website colleagues Information, Apple would have paused its project with Intel which was to offer a feature "walkie-talkie" indie.

Indeed, the latter was to allow iPhone users to communicate in areas without cellular coverage, and was called "OGRS Project" internally.

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Apple Pauses Walkie Talkie Function for iPhone

Apple was working with Intel on technology that would allow people to send messages from their iPhones directly to other iPhones over long-range radio waves that bypass cellular networks, two people familiar with the project said.

The technology would have worked like a walkie-talkie for text messages, giving people the ability to communicate in areas not served by mobile operators.

It is not known how far Apple and Intel were in the development of this technology before this pause, but the relations between Intel and Apple must be partly the reason for this "abandonment" (Apple having signed with Qualcomm for the internal modems). For information, the Apple Watch already benefits from watchOS 5.


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