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Apple against a Luxembourg restaurant

Apple is on all fronts to protect its brand and pomm logo, this is nothing new. A young Luxembourg company is currently paying the price, it had decided to include the word "Apple" in its name and an apple – not crunchy – in its logo. The Cupertino company has already put the company on notice, yet it offers a concept of fast food; nothing to do with computer hardware and software.

It is a concept of fast, healthy and balanced food, which has just opened in Luxembourg. The three young associates aged between 25 and 32, however, had everything planned: a dittician to work out the dishes, a communication company to create a visual identity and a specialized office in charge of carrying out an audit against the name of the restaurant history to be able to register the brand without worries. It?s on this last point that the bt hurts. Despite the green light from the specialist office to register the brand ?Apple a Day?, this is the name of this restaurant, any business can come forward within three months and object to the name filed on the pretext that it damages its own . Apple will not have waited until the expiration of this period to appear … Problem: the restaurant has already been opened and the name "Apple a Day" with the apple sign is already used.

It is a little bad. We have just opened our restaurant, which is starting to work well and now we are asked to stop everything when we have nothing to do with the IT community, explains Antoine Prignon, one of the three associates, especially since we have invested in marketing.

The three young entrepreneurs do not intend to let themselves go and will submit an amicable proposal. We certify to them that we only engage in restoration and not in the field of software or hardware. The ball is in their court, we will see how they will react, concludes Antoine Prignon.

Not sure that the Cupertino company can have the same point of view?

We discuss it on the forum.

(Via | Thanks Phil Boarding for the info)