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An app to automatically answer your calls

Available recently in Cydia, AutoAnswer is an application which at first glance may prove useful but which can also be quickly diverted from its main purpose.

In summary, it allows you to automatically answer certain telephone calls (or Facetime) without any intervention on your part. The application even has a Stealth option which allows you to completely hide the received call. No call log, no screen that lights up, no ringtone, nothing! So the goal is of course here to, for example, use it as a baby monitor but you will quickly understand that it can easily be used to monitor someone especially since even the configuration options can be hidden on the iPhone and at that time, the only possibility to access it is to type ***** (5 stars) in the phone application and to make a call.

Available in Cydia for $ 4.99, source Bigboss (default in Cydia).

We discuss it on the forum.