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Will you get FaceTime 1.0 (paid version) for Mac?

Mac users scold the arrival of version 1.0 of the now-paying FaceTime application. Apple would have justified itself by the fact of a legal obligation which would impose it.

In Bta version for a few months, FaceTime for Mac has been made available for download today. The user will have to go on the other hand in his pocket to be able to get it. This is billed 0.79 on the Mac App Store. On the other hand, the application will be provided free of charge on the new Mac Book Pro.

According to Dan Moren of MacWorld, this price would be justified by? ?compliance with American laws and in particular the SoX law?, according to information reported to him directly by Apple. This law would require Apple (and presumably other manufacturers) to pay royalties when the technology uses in particular the Wi-Fi standard 802.11n which would be charged around $ 2 per color product.

Even if some Mac users have decided to continue using the first Bta version (free) and / or not to buy the application, this did not prevent the latter from already appearing in the top of the Mac App sales ranking. Store since this afternoon.

Some reactions left by our forum members:

Stimenzee: It?s still a bit high to charge for this kind of application, right? Ok, it's only 0.79 but wanting to make money on everything all the time can be a dangerous game … One day, people will be tired of paying for this kind of thing that should be free!

Berniestyle: I'm also amazed that Apple can make their app paid. Videoconferencing is already an area where Facetime is not unanimous, making it paid will make it even less popular than it already is.

Geoff: FaceTime for a fee? Long live Skype!

Sanka113: Why use a paid application with less possibility the opposite of Skype which offers better?

Samuel: As long as the bta version works, I keep this version. However, I think FaceTime will be delivered for free with Lion, as is iLife?

Vincent: I would say that 0.79 is nothing at all? .but when you know the relative success of Facetime, it is a bit pathetic to offer it for hard and cold money. So we can do everything on Skype (which also allows video conferencing with iPhones). That said, Facetime 1.0 is originally integrated with the new Macbook Pro and seems to be linked to American law (which Apple still charges the rest of the world …). I don't think we should rush into the paid version of Facetime 1.0 and that it could arrive for free with Mac OS X Lion in final version this summer.

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