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touchscreens: Apple would cause shortage

With around 40 million iPads produced in 2011, Apple is said to have inflated its suppliers' order books, causing a shortage of multitouch touch screens for other tablet manufacturers. It is in fact no less than 60% of the global production capacity that Apple monopolizes, leaving only few possibilities to its rivals.

By comparison, 26 million touchscreens were manufactured in 2010, mostly by manufacturers in Taiwan (Wintek, TPK). However, given the difficulties in sourcing this period following the problems encountered with the supplier LG Display, Apple would try to anticipate the problems today by increasing the starting stock. To achieve this, the apple brand company ordered LG Display 35 million, Samsung 15 million screens, and 15 million Chimei Innolux.

The future will tell us if the computer glove will manage to avoid the shortage.

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