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The iPhone 4 CDMA advised against by Consumer Reports

The iPhone 4 CDMA passed into the hands of the Consumer Reports, the defense organization of American consumers (the equivalent of our Test-Purchases). The latter advises against buying the iPhone 4 CDMA for the same reasons as the other model: the iPhone 4 (GSM version).

The problem mentioned always remains the same since they point to a reception problem on the destination model of the network. Verizon Wireless despite the modification of the antenna. This problem always occurs when you hold the iPhone 4 CDMA firmly in your hand.

The iPhone 4 CDMA has been put on the test bench with 5 other smartphones distributed by the American operator Verizon Wireless, namely the Samsung Fascinate, the Motorola Droid 2 Global, the HTC Hero Incredible, the LG Ally and the Motorola Droid X. These tests were carried out in a controlled environment, where the radio frequencies can be more or less strongly disturbed according to the needs . In the present case, the external interference has been completely blocked in order to make the test as precise as possible. A small CDMA network broadcast station was installed in the test chamber to simulate an operator network. The six smartphones were therefore taken in hand according to a specific position which consists of holding it firmly in hand. The only smartphone to have lost network is the iPhone 4 CDMA.

With the iPhone 4 (GSM version) launched in July, you only had to put your finger on the notch at the bottom left of the antenna to lose network, here, we had to hide the two notches on the antenna to lose the signal. In addition, during a phone call, a significant drop in signal was seen after 15 seconds with the iPhone 4 held firmly in the hand during the call and then disconnected.

The iPhone 4 CDMA was then placed in the ?Bumper? protection provided by Apple. This partly solved the problem since the apple smartphone still loses a little signal but no longer to the point of hanging up the network and being cut off during telephone conversations.

The last drawback, rather linked to the operator's network Verizon Wireless, is unable to surf in 3G during a phone call (unlike the GSM model of the iPhone). But the consumer advocacy agency in the United States insists that the quality of the telephone network Verizon Wireless is much better than that ofAT&T when they scrutinized the GSM model of the iPhone 4 a few months ago.

We did not have to wait for these recommendations from the Consumer Reports to warn consumers since the launch of the iPhone 4 CDMA was relatively timid. According to unofficial sources, most iPhone 4 CDMAs have been sold (up to 65%) on the internet in order to avoid queues outside the Apple Stores. The fact is that the CDMA model arrived almost 7 months after the marketing of the GSM model of the iPhone 4. A new generation (at least for the GSM model) is probably expected for this summer. Customers of Verizon Wireless may wish to wait until this period to take advantage of a new generation (if a new CDMA model is offered at the same time as a GSM model) rather than buying an iPhone which may be replaced in 5 months?.

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