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How to play Apple Arcade with a PS4 / Xbox One controller

With the arrival of Apple Arcade, a fairly substantial offer of games has become available on the App Store, most of which are playing the game. Fortunately, it is possible to connect one on its apple devices.

Playing on your mobile phone with touch controls is not easy. If some games are suitable for use on mobile, others have been thought and designed for gameplay, or are ports of console or PC games that need a pad to be controlled.

Now, Apple leaves the possibility for its users to connect the controller of another manufacturer to play their favorite games on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. To do this, the process is rather simple.

On iPhone and iPad, you must go to the device settings, Bluetooth tab and make sure that it is activated. Then the process logically differs depending on the controller chosen.

If you are playing with an Xbox One controller, you will need to turn on the controller with the Xbox button and then hold down the Connect button on the top of the controller until the logo flashes. The controller will then be added to the list of connected devices on the device.

On the other hand, if you are a user of the Sony Dualshock 4, the process is faster. Just press and hold the Home and Share buttons for a few seconds until the Light Bar flashes. Your controller is now found in the Bluetooth list of the device.

Apple TV can also connect a controller

The process on Apple TV is just as fast. Go to the device settings, then to the Remote controls and devices and Bluetooth sections. Follow the previous steps to connect and your controller will be paired. It can even be used to control the entire Apple TV.

To find out if a game is playable on the controller, the information is always provided on the App Store page of the game in question. Either a pad is mandatory or it is optional.