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How to find your lost or stolen iPhone

No one is immune to theft or loss, which is why Apple?s location functionality can be very useful in finding your iPhone. Explanations on how it works.

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Very useful feature to know at any time where is each Apple device associated with the same iCloud account, the application ?Find my iPhone / iPad / iTouch? is a very interesting tool.

To activate it, nothing could be simpler. Just go to the phone settings and click on the user name. At the bottom of the new menu, "Activate localization" should be activated by confirming with the introduction of your password. From now on, the Apple phone account will be associated with it and can be located via the application or via the apple website.


The application also allows you to locate your friends if they have accepted the friendship. The "Family Sharing" option allows members of the same family to be able to locate each other's devices.

Location and blocking of the device

If the tool was not activated before the disappearance of the iPhone, the steps to recover it are limited. Filing a loss or theft report to the police will be the only option. If the iPhone was configured to be located, it will be possible to know where it is and to react.

To locate an iPhone from a Mac or a PC, you will need to go to the address and connect to liCloud. A map will then appear with the location of all Apple devices associated with the iCloud account. It is possible to connect directly to the Find My iPhone application from another Apple device that has the app. You will then have to choose which device to locate to get a fairly precise idea of ??where it is. If it is nearby, ringing it may be useful to find it more easily.

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<p>Beyond knowing where the device is located, the functionality offers the lost mode in its options. A way for the user to protect personal data from his iPhone and to limit its use. Indeed, the lost mode renders the device unusable from a distance thanks to a 4 or 6 digit access code.</p>
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