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Three free applications to play sports without equipment and … without going out

The confinement imposed on everyone can make it harder for some to live than for others. Seeing your outings restricted to one hour a day can indeed have a negative effect on morale, especially for those used to more or less regular sports.

To live this confinement as best as possible, why not try to do some home sports? Many applications offer physical exercises without leaving your home, and without necessarily having equipment. By simply using the weight of your body, and by varying the exercises, you will be able to stretch your limbs and work certain muscles which you had forgotten the existence. Discover three free applications to exercise without leaving home and without equipment.

1. Freeletics

Freeletics is a benchmark in home sports and without equipment. Born in 2013, the application offers physical exercises to do at home and based exclusively on the weight of your body.

Contrary to what you might think, if the application offers a premium paid version for training with personalized coaching, it can be used without any scholarship. In its free version, Freeletics does not offer a work plan. You will therefore have to show autonomy and determination since you will have to manage your training sessions alone.

After configuring your profile and your goal, Freeletics indeed offers many predefined workout sessions, called Workout, and accessible at the top of the interface from the Explorer tab.

These sessions can be filtered according to your level, the duration of exercise or the part of the body that you want to work on. The duration and the difficulty of each are also indicated. For each exercise that makes up a workout, Freeletics offers to view a short video to help you understand the movements to be performed. All you have to do is throw yourself in the dark by starting training with the Start button to start the session.

Throughout your session, the chrono runs, with in the background, the video of the exercise. When you have finished your repetitions, tap the screen to skip to the next exercise. Freeletics will give you a few recovery periods to help you catch your breath.

2. Adidas Training

Bought in 2015 by Adidas, the Runtastic galaxy of applications now proudly sports the brand name with three bands. Runtastic Training has become Adidas Training, and offers, more or less, a training method similar to that of Freeletics.

The application includes a premium paid offer (3 months offered at the time we write these lines) for those who would like to have coaching and a personalized training plan. But, again, it is entirely possible to take advantage of the various physical exercises offered free of charge. To do this, go directly to the Training section where you will find suggested sessions responding to specific themes (less than 15 minutes, boosting your metabolism, with the family, etc.).

But you will be able to create your own training program since the application allows access to around thirty exercise selections for all levels, as well as 190 exercises explained on video. Each one indicates the parts of the body worked as well as the level of difficulty, and in the case of the trainings, the duration of the session. It only remains to start the session to start the stopwatch and enchant the exercises and recovery periods.

3. Nike Training

Another player in the field, the Nike Training application offers many training sessions and physical exercises for everyone and for all conditions. Unlike the competition which offers a premium paid offer, Nike Training is completely free. No personalized program or coach will be billed to you. You will not find, either, ads banners scattered a and l.

Nike has opted for another much smarter option: integrate a tab allowing direct access to its store of sportswear and equipment in its application. A wise choice since users can explore the store and pay for their purchases without leaving the application.

But back to the main thing, the trainings. They are accessible from the longlet showing a stopwatch and will offer suggestions on the home page that may be of interest to you. You can also browse the sessions according to the muscle groups to work, the type of training preferred, or even the equipment (even basic) that you have. Nike Training leaves the choice to the user. The app also offers thematic sessions (boost your morale, big training for small spaces, getting fit in less than 20 minutes, etc.) if you lack inspiration.

All the proposed exercises are also detailed in video to help you make the right gestures and adopt the right postures. You can even benefit from a personalized program, meeting your physical conditions, your objectives and your availability, established over several weeks to achieve a specific objective. Add that to the possibility of including your running sessions from the Nike Run Club app, and you get one of the most complete free applications.