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Razer Core X: an eGPU signed Razer, compatible with macOS High Sierra

razer-cortex-deals ipa ipad iphoneHas a new barrier towards the arrival of gaming on Mac just been crossed? Quite honestly, I think so, and that's great news!

Because yes, Razer, a company specializing in the development and sale of computer peripherals for players, has just announced its new Razer Core X.

Razer Core X, an eGPU compatible with macOS High Sierra

This is something that has always been lacking in our dear Apple computers and which cools many consumers: video games. Whether with compatibility concerns or hardware not really intended for gaming, Apple is losing many customers.

But for some time now, the situation has been changing: many publishers have chosen to develop their creations for Macs and the arrival of Steam has seen many games being compatible.

However, this is the second biggest dam, but the change is starting to take place: Razer has just announced its new eGPU (External Graphic Card Unit), the Razer Core X. The big plus is its compatibility with macOS High Sierra, with ports that allow the addition of NVIDIA GeForce / Quadro or Radeon and AMD graphics cards.

For the connection, the Razer Core X has a Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, making compatible all Macs which are equipped with it. On the price side, it still takes $ 299 on the brand's official website.