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Pay attention to your computer at the airport

icon macbook 2016The serious English daily The Guardian Today is a story of not insignificant flight in a London airport.

A young student was recently flying at London City Airport and her MacBook Air was flown when passing … security screening. She had just removed her MacBook from her bag to pass it on the X-ray on the treadmill, as instructed.

a macbook air flight airport

Problem, a thief operated quickly to rob the MacBook of the young lady, while the latter was still delayed on the other side of the security gantry. If the security agents had done their job properly, the press would not mention this case, but when reporting the theft, the British victim was much less fortunate.

Rather than looking at the images of the security cameras right away, and then easily catching the thief in this closed space that is the airport, they explained that he had to contact the police and file a complaint. Only then could security images be provided for an investigation. Long after the thief takes off, therefore.

It is hoped that not all airports apply the same security rules. In any case, keep your computer lil if it gets ahead of you at the airport.

macbook airport flight