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iPad Air: press review of the test

iPad AirThe iPad Air was announced with great fanfare by Apple but the iPad mini Retina seems to have stolen the show.

The fact remains that the iPad Air is a real novelty and the American specialized press was able to receive and test a few copies.

If in France we cannot yet test the new iPad, here is a press review of the iPad Air test :

ipad air test 1

The iPad Air is the best iPad we've ever seen. It is also the most comfortable 10 inch tablet.
If the previous iPad had brought almost nothing, the iPad Air does a good job with a thin and light design (like the iPad mini) and its autonomy is excellent (almost 14 hours in use).

The iPad Air keeps the original spirit of the iPad. After years, it now has an incredible screen, an extraordinary processor, flawless connectivity and a decent camera. All this is packaged so finely and so light that it is hard to believe.

With apps entirely designed for the Apple tablet, the iPad Air is the ultimate weapon that will be hard to beat.

The iPad Air was beaten on paper by its little brother, the iPad mini Retina because the latter had everything you need: Retina screen, A7 processor, … But once the iPad Air in hand, i have changed my mind.

In fact, the iPad Air is the biggest update in the history of 10-inch iPads. It's lighter, more portable, more comfortable and faster than ever.

The best tablet of the moment is the iPad Air. For smaller screens, the iPad mini Retina is good, but the competition is fiercer.

CNET:The positive points : The iPad Air delivers impressive power and autonomy in such a thin and light envelope. Facetime is sublimated and the screen is giant.The negative points : Touch ID is not in the game, you have to retype its code with each purchase. The price is still high for 16 GB of storage.Conclusion : If functionally, the iPad Air is very close to its predecessor with increasing performance, in terms of design and comfort, it is on another planet! The best tablet on the market.

ipad air test france

A beautiful 19/20 for the iPad Air which will get its 20/20 when the price drops below 400 euros.

PS: most benchmarks indicate that the iPad Air is 80% faster than the iPad 4, a real success.