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How to watch Netflix multiple, distance?

The confinement period currently imposed is conducive to binge watching, or continuous viewing in French. But rather than watching movies and series alone in your corner, why not watch the same program several, but distant? This is what offers Netflix Party, a browser extension available only on Google Chrome, which allows you to synchronize the playback of a Netflix program with several users.

To work, the extension must be installed in all the people participating in this private cinema session. Everyone, connected to their own Netflix account, can then join the synchronized playback of a film or series by clicking on a simple link. It is even possible to react live within an integrated instant messaging.

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1. Download Netflix Party

To look at the same thing several, you must imperatively go through the Google Chrome web browser. The Netflix Party extension is only available on this browser. It should however be possible to also use it on browsers based on Chromium which accept the installation of Chrome extensions, as it is the case, for example, for the new Microsoft Edge. Each participant must install the extension before they can start synchronized video playback.

Download Netflix Party for Google Chrome (Free)

2. Start playing content

Log in to your Netflix account, choose a program and start playing it. The program must start for the extension to be able to function.

>>> Go to Netflix <<<

At the top right of the Chrome window, where all the extensions installed on your browser are grouped, click the NP button. If you wish, it is possible to ensure that you are the only one who can control the reading of the program.

This will require ticking the box Only I have the control. If you do not check this option, everyone invited to watch the movie with you will have the option of controlling the playback of the video. Then click on Start the party.

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3. Share the reading

After activating Netflix Party, a link should be displayed. It is this URL that you must copy and send to your loved ones, by e-mail, instant messaging, or via social networks, so that they can view the program with you.

Natively, Netflix Party integrates a Chat allowing each participant to react live. If you do not wish to be disturbed during reading, uncheck the box Cat show.

4. Watch the film simultaneously

Once all participants are connected to Netflix Party, you should see them appear directly in the Chat window. You can personalize your profile and enter your name by clicking directly on the avatar which you can also modify.

When everyone is ready, put the playback cursor back to the start and start playback.

The program should start with all Netflix Party connected users. Everyone can then set Play / Pause for all other users.

Only the reading parameters can be controlled by other users if you have not checked the box. Only I have the control indicates step 2. The playback options, such as the language or the subtitles, will remain as each one has defined on their Netflix account.