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Harry Potter: three ways to watch your favorite saga in streaming

It was in 2001 that the Harry Potter saga was screened for the first time on the big screen. Almost 20 years later, the fascinating story of this young wizard and his friends continues to be as successful with children and adults.

Despite the Harry Potter broadcast stop on Netflix since October 2019, there are other sites thanks to which you can immerse yourself in the magical universe of these 8 timeless classics. To find out which ones, read the rest of this article.

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Harry Potter on MYTF1 VOD

Go back to childhood and spend your evenings watching the cult Harry Potter films on MYTF1 VOD.

The Harry Potter Integral Pack is available for rental on the MYTF1 VOD site, priced at 15.99.

If you prefer to invest for the long term, then you are also offered to buy it 44.99.

Harry Potter on YouTube

All Harry Potter films are also available for purchase or rental on the YouTube platform.

To rent them in HD, you will have to pay 2.99 each, however, if you choose to buy it, then it will cost you 9.99.

Here is a list of YouTube links :

Harry Potter on Google Play

As on YouTube, you can get the whole Harry Potter saga via Google Play.

There is no difference in price with YouTube (2.99 and 9.99), however it is possible to get the full pack for 34.99.

Here is the list of Google Play links:

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