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you can finally use the same number on multiple devices

WhatsApp develops a very practical functionality which it has so far been deprived of. It will soon be possible to use the same number on several smartphones without going through WhatsApp web, an alternative certainly useful but not so comfortable.


With more than two billion users, WhatsApp is one of the messaging apps in the world. Despite the many improvements it has seen in recent years, some basic features are still missing. The fact that it is impossible to use the same account on several different smartphones constitutes, for example, a serious handicap. But things are about to change.

WaBetaInfo, still in the process of developing features on the application, has just taken the traces of this new option in the last beta (2.20.110) of WhatsApp. A notification alerts the user when their phone number is added on another device. The encryption key then changes automatically and this event is notified in chats, explains the site.

In other words, WhatsApp will configure the same number on other smartphones without blocking the use of the account on the previous device. If you?ve tried it before, you?ll know it?s not possible. The only alternative for cross-platform use is to go through WhatsApp Web.

It then becomes possible to read and send messages from a computer or other smartphone as long as the main device is connected to the Internet. As of yet, we still don't know how using it on multiple devices will work in practice. Unlike competitors like Skype and Facebook Messenger, messages are not stored on servers, but on the user's smartphone.

It is hard to imagine WhatsApp implementing cloud storage in the near future. In-depth changes are needed in the structure of the application and the way it works. We can assume that it will be a question of synchronizing the local backups in real time. Complicated, but not impossible. We will certainly know more in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp cross-platform

Source: WABetaInfo

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