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The iPhone CDMA antenna will remain the same

According to a report by Computerworld, Apple will not change the antenna design for the CDMA iPhone intended for the Verizon network and whose exit would be scheduled in January 2011.

Spencer Webb, an antenna engineer with almost a dozen patents to his credit, and president of AntennaSys said:

The antenna design is fixed to the architecture of the device, and it would take time to design another design.

This report also indicates that Apple likely intends to keep this antenna design for several years to track roadmap of the iPhone project.

It is logical that Apple does not have enough time to study an antenna when the device should be released in a few months. A new antenna concept would require a thorough overhaul of the device since the new generation iPhone case is thinner because the antenna is external. However, it is wise to think that if Apple waits until June 2011 to offer an iPhone 5th generation compatible on GSM and CDMA networks, the antenna could then be modified.

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