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OK Cupid: "iPhone users are multiplying their conquests"

After the English online store which had dared to affirm, in early July, that consumers of Apple products had a higher sexual appetite than ?PC? users , it's around the OK Cupid dating site to draw up the report that iPhone owners ?Would multiply conquests? and would have a sexuality ?More active? than people who have a traditional mobile phone or Blackberry. This site has conducted its study based on the processing of more than 500,000 digital photos belonging to around 10,000 people registered on the site.

In addition to the analysis of the photos, the dating site also conducted a survey of members, the results are quite significant: People using a smartphone running Android have an average of 6 sexual partners while Blackberry owners have 8 and that iPhone users admit to having more than 10 sexual conquests.

?Proof that iPhone users don't just get fucked by Apple? : concluded the dating site with great humor.

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