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iPhone Pro or iPhone 11: the technical sheet

iphone pro iconWhile everyone is wondering if Apple will call its new models iPhone XI, iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, we can say that the nomenclature is not clear. As if that were not enough, some assure that Apple will pass iPhone Pro. A choice that we have already mentioned and which contrasts with that of Google which has just decided the names on Android to keep only the numbers. The first will be Android 10 this year.

Here is an opportunity to take a complete look at the new iPhone 2019 and its new features which, seemingly nothing, are finally starting to be quite numerous. In the absence of official information, we relied on the most credible leaks and rumors. For several years, they have not been mistaken and predict the smallest details of each new model.

09/10/19 update: Apple presented its iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The name: iPhone Pro, quite simply?

Among the information revealed yesterday in the Bloomberg report, the new name seems to have gone unnoticed. Apple would change its scheme and opt for a simple iPhone Pro. Very good but what about the differentiation of the three models? We learned in preview the names of the iPhone 2019: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max for this return, a choice that seemed rather logical, except the last with an extended name.

If Apple was really marketing an iPhone Pro, how could it "market" the other models? iPhone, iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max? It is a possibility. If the numbering seemed easy, but tiresome over the long term, giving a new name to the iPhone seems difficult, especially since the novelties will be limited.

But then, why would Apple not simply call its iPhone iPhone? IPhone S, iPhone M and iPhone L would have a clear and effective range, right? This debate is likely to last until the final presentation, or a few hours before if the names leak like last year. Remember, the iPhone XR had appeared out of nowhere two days before special keynote, whereas Apple had never used this terminology. As much as the iPhone XS was not in doubt, as much his little brother was a surprise.

iphone xi iphone 11 max iphone 11r

The new features of the iPhone (11) Pro

Whether it's called iPhone XI, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone Pro or iPhone, the next Apple phone will arrive in September with a few news. The latest rumors have allowed us to refine its technical data sheet. Here are the notable and almost certain developments to appear in the very next apple phone.

New iPhone: the photography pro

The A13 chip will be replaced by a new one co-processor for the photo and video part. It will accompany the new photo block composed of three cameras combining wide angle, telephoto and ultra wide angle lenses. For the version that will replace the iPhone XR, we would find a dual lens system, without the wide angle.

The telephone will combine the images obtained by the three lenses to obtain a result comparable to certain traditional cameras, even in low light. A feature called Smart Frame will allow you to crop and adjust the image, even after shooting.

The video quality would not be outdone, since on the iPhone Pro would benefit from a big improvement with the possibility of making adjustments directly.

New iPhone: Face ID 2 from all angles

Face ID would be entitled to a nice update, since it will embed the multi-angle. It is a new sensor with a wider field of vision so that users can unlock the iPhone more easily, even when the device is flat on a table. Finally, this is enough to unlock the future iPhone 11 in all positions, whether in bed or table.

New iPhone: a waterproof notch

There has been several concordant information about a screen usable underwater to allow its use even in the rain. This kind of little evolution coming to iPhone 11 can really be useful in certain areas of the globe, or even certain periods of the year.

New iPhone: still 3D Touch

Still on the side of the screen, long announced as outdated and delivered, the 3D Touch should continue to exist on the new iPhone Pro. The new Taptic Engine could make it more realistic and practical. A large part of customers also want Apple keep the 3D Touch which allows for deeper interactions with apps and games.

New iPhone: increasing autonomy

With an even more economical A13 chip, Apple would take the opportunity to inflate the battery by around 15% and reach 3200 mAh on the iPhone Pro and even 3500 mAh on the Max. What to hold a day and a half without recharging. To accommodate a more substantial battery, Apple would have reviewed the motherboard.

New iPhone: 18 W fast charging via USB-C

The new 2019 iPhone will take the turn initiated by the 2018 iPad Pro with a USB-C charger (Lightning incoming socket) to multiply the charging speed. So the iPhone will go from 5 18W, or 3.5 times faster. Finally some will say.

New iPhone: reverse recharge

The future iPhone 11s (we don't know what to call it), will also take advantage of something new expected for charge other devices like AirPods or Apple Watch. Placed on the back of the iPhone, these accessories will be able to recover energy from the Apple phone. A good idea that will only work from AirPods 2 for headphones. We will then speak of bi-directional charging.

New iPhone: matte green and lavender colors

In 2019, the iPhone will benefit from two new colors with green and lavender. Green would be used for the cheapest iPhone, while light purple will be available on the other two models, which are necessarily more expensive. The other colors will remain gold, silver and space gray. In any case, we are talking about a matt coating.

New iPhone: more resistant and more waterproof

The iPhone Pro will be equipped with a new technology of impact resistance with an improved material. Ltanchit would also be strengthened, allowing the future iPhone to last more than 30 minutes without the slightest concern.

New iPhone: the same OLED screen as the Note 10

The future iPhone Pro will be equipped with the same slab as on the Galaxy Note 10. Samsung equips iPhone OLED screen with its own creations, but they were so far personalized by the apple. This year, whoever has been read the best smartphone screen should share its qualities.

New iPhone: Apple Pencil?

Waited for a while, the support of the Apple Pencil that we find on iPad Pro but also the iPad "basic" is expected on the iPhone Pro. We are not sure of this rumor but it has been mentioned several times by different sources well placed. There are squares for the new iPhone 11 and its stylus.

The forgotten novelties (and come on the iPhone 12)

Apple keeps (normally) under the elbow this year. We will mention the 120 Hz screen as a iPad Pro to streamline the display, especially in games, the USB-C port to simplify recharging, a reduced notch or even hidden under the screen, a Touch ID under the screen or 5G. All this is reserved for the iPhone 12, or iPhone Pro 2020 according to the terminology that Apple will use at that time.

Let's not even talk about the foldable iPhone, a model that we could have only in 2021 and which could be called iPhone Fold or iFold.

Conclusion: a success depending on the price

So, according to you, if Apple releases this iPhone Pro during the keynote of September 10, will it sell as much as it hopes? In our opinion, if it makes a effort on price (less than 1000 for the replacement of the iPhone XS), then it can find sales figures in line with its expectations (and those of its shareholders).

To relaunch the machine, Apple must absolutely offer iPhone more attractive prices than in 2018. If in 2017, the iPhone X was very expensive compared to the competition, it had for him the innovation of Face ID which revolutionized the face front of smartphones (without button) as well as navigation in the interface. In 2018, the iPhone XS and XR only took over the recipe. And as the XS was at the same price, customers have little or no renewal. Only the XR was able to defend the honor of Apple in the world but with a few price reductions. It is regularly found on promotion less than 800 when the XS is displayed 1159.

Suddenly, for the iPhone 11, Apple must review its grid. To be aligned with competitors like Huawei or Samsung, the classic high-end must revolve around 1000. The others will thus naturally be placed above and below with a cart of 150. This could give these kinds of prices:

  • iPhone 11: 749
  • iPhone 11 Pro: 999
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: 1149

Even if some people still find the 2019 iPhone too expensive, its price would be consistent with the market, just like its quality / price / innovation ratio. When we talk about prices, we must obviously not forget that Apple does not only sell a phone but a complete system ranging from the iOS operating system to the App Store through many services (free or paid) like iCloud, Apple Music, AirPlay, etc. Comparing the isolated prices of a Samsung smartphone with those of Apple is therefore not the best thing to do, the Korean being content to "lay" its overlay and some services on the Android system provided by Google. Ditto for the Mac part often critical for its dirty prices compared to PCs equipped with Windows and often equipped with more efficient components.

In short, to return to the next iPhone Pro or iPhone 11, the name will certainly matter less than the price. Apple knows this, and one wonders what the 80 million units of iPhone orders mean for the last quarter of the year. It is very close, the same quantity as last year and which left a large stock of telephones in the warehouses. Does Apple think it can sell more iPhone 11 than XS and XR? Response in just over two weeks!