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How to record your video calls with Jitsi Meet?

There is no shortage of applications for making video calls or meetings: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Duo, Skype, Viber, Zoom, Slack, Teams, there are many possibilities.

Users generally choose them because they are used massively, and allow them to easily find a large part of their address book, already acquired their cause. So no need to go on a mission to convince those around you to install them and create an account. But these applications also have their disadvantages. They all need to create an account and, for some, they restrict the advanced features less than checking out.

Jitsi Meet goes against everything. Closer to a video meeting solution like Zoom, Jitsi Meet is a free, open source solution, accessible on all platforms. Here, users do not call each other directly by choosing one or more contacts. The service will ask you, beforehand, to create a sort of meeting room that your relatives, friends and colleagues can join once you have shared the access information.

Jitsi Meet is accessible directly from your web browser or from iOS and Android mobile applications. Here's how to set up and use the service for all your video calls.

1. Open Jitsi

Start by going directly to the Jitsi online interface from your web browser, or install the mobile application on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Note that if you use Jitsi from your computer, the service is optimized to work with Google Chrome (or Chromium).

2. Create a room

From the Jitsi home page, enter a room name in the field Start a new meeting (desktop) or Enter a room name (mobile) and validate.

As soon as your room is valid, the webcam on your device should activate and display your screen image. Take advantage of this immediately to switch the Interface settings to French. Click on the button More actions figur by three small dots at the bottom right, and enter Settings.

Place yourself on longlet More, and click on the drop down menu to change the language.

Back on the picture, personalize your file by clicking on the small frame at the top right, to indicate your name.

also discover on video:

3. Invite participants

To invite participants to your videoconference room, display the toolbar and click on the button i bottom right.

Click on To copy to copy the link from your room, and send it to the participants by the means of your choice.

You can also simply indicate the name of your room to your contacts who will only have to enter it in the Jitsi app on their smartphone or from the web interface to join the conversation.

4. Secure your room

Anyone who knows the name of your room will be able to access it again later.

To avoid this, you can set a password to protect it. Click on the button i to bring up the information of your room then on Add password.

Users who try to join the meeting will have to automatically enter the defined password.

5. Use the functions of Jitsi

Jitsi offers a whole bunch of features that make it a very complete tool. You can, for example, choose to toggle the display of participants within a mosaic by clicking on the button shown in four squares, share your screen, access a chat, or even Raise your hand, to indicate that you want to speak without interrupting your interlocutors.

Other advanced functions are also integrated into the solution. To access it, click on the button More actions.

You can then blur the background, share a YouTube video that will be integrated directly into the video conversation, broadcast live on YouTube, or even record your entire video meeting.