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Google Maps, Amazon, and eBay stop the Apple Watch!

icon apple watchIn the past few months, several major companies have removed their Apple Watch extensions from their apps.

As AppleInsider confirmed to us, Google Maps, Amazon and eBay very recently removed their Apple Watch app from the App Store.

EDIT : Google already announces the return of the Maps application on the Apple watch.

Google Maps, Amazon and eBay were all the first three supporters of Apple Watch, by publishing Watch applications only a few months after the release of the headlash in April 2015. Remember that iSoft had its own since the launch of the watch.

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At the moment, none of the three companies therefore offers Apple Watch applications, silently removing the Apple Watch functionality with an update, and this very discreetly. The elimination of functionality has largely gone under the radar.

If these 3 major giants were able to remove Apple Watch support from their apps without sowing discord, this suggests that there were not many people who were using the apps in question. Even if it is not yet known at the time of writing, this deletion seems permanent.

Google Maps was perhaps the only useful application on the wrist, with quick directions to get home or easily to work, for example. Amazon's Apple Watch app allowed voice-based searches and one-click purchases, although it's easier to do on a phone or computer. The eBay app offered notifications for its auctions, but this required the simultaneous use of an iPhone or Mac to follow the content first.

The 3 giants are not the only ones, because for the most flirty of you, if you had not noticed the company Tinder has also removed the Apple Watch extension from its dating app, there is some months.

The Apple Watch having celebrated its second anniversary on April 24, the types of applications that work on the watch of the giant of Cupertino, are increasingly clear and effective. But would the future of the forbidden fruit watch be in danger?

We await your comments, from your Apple Watch;)
Good day to all iSofters.