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First test of the Apple TV 4: very good!

apple tv itv iconThe Apple TV is officially available since this morning and you wonder what the new black box from Apple is worth. At 179 euros, you get a 32 GB version more than enough for most of us.

We spent a little time to test the remote control interface in hand and we are pleasantly surprised by the fluidity, the ease and the offer already present.

Indeed, everything is well thought out, Siri understands very well what we are looking for, we can ask him squarely to find the films with a particular actor then tell him to sort by "most recent" then by "best rated".

The App Store already offers hundreds of applications and you feel at home in the catalog. Apple changed everything for the presentation and yet we are not lost.

Side apps and games, we take a graphic slap (it will depend on your screen too) but we remain circumspect on non-4K. Apple has seen it big, even if there are obviously still areas for improvement with more services, better interoperability and ultra HD.

If you are looking to broadcast media on your TV, you want to play and stream movies and series, this is the same box of the moment.

To remember on Apple TV 4:

The +:

  • Interface and housing finish
  • Effective Siri who knows how to filter results
  • Convenient and ultra-precise remote control
  • App store
  • Login via your iPhone at the top
  • awesome games

The – :

  • No universal search in Youtube
  • Bug in the player
  • No 4K

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