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Dr. Jan Schroers: "iPhone 5 will be made of liquid metal"

In a meeting agreement CultofMac, the former research director of the company Liquidmetal Technologies, Dr. Jan Schroers (attaché to Yale University), returned to recent rumors about the use of material ?Liquid metal? which could soon be used by Apple in the design of its products and more particularly for the iPhone.

"I think they (editor's note: Apple) will use liquid metal in their iPhone", he said, "It is quite obvious that this material has already shown, in the past, what it is capable of doing", he continues.

The Cupertino company has signed a contract with Liquidmetal Technologies concerning exclusive use of this highly resistant metallic material that treats like plastic – and would use it in prototypes of products intended for the general public.

According to NASA, this material is ready to redefine the science of materials that we know in the 21st century.

Recently, the co-inventor of this alloy, Atakan Peker said that Apple could solve reception problems related to the iPhone 4 by designing a new antenna using this material.

Furthermore, this material could allow the Cupertino company to create products with very complex shapes in blown alloy like a glass – and even allowing to represent, for example, a logo in a holographic form producing colorful effects.

?You can really make a novel of the things that it is possible present to achieve with this metal?, says Dr. Jan Schroers and conclude, ?Liquid metal would make a good material in the manufacture of iPhone, iPad and MacBook. It is extremely light – thinner than the materials currently used in the current iPhone and is incredibly rigid and solid ?, he concludes.

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