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Apple works from home and prepares for the arrival of new products

A new Bloomberg report describes in detail how Apple is adapting to smart work and that several new products are still in development.

Apple Park - Apple products

Apple continues to develop many new products that could be launched this year: a HomePod and a new Apple TV, new inexpensive iPads, a new Apple Watch and a new iMac.

The report does not focus on the specifications, but on the fact that product development continues despite the fact that employees work from home:

Apple has not interrupted the development of future devices. The company is working on new versions of the HomePod speaker, the Apple TV box, the MacBook Pro, new inexpensive iPads, a new Apple Watch and a new iMac.

The main focus of today?s report is to talk about Apple?s new distance work culture. For example, employees not only use Apple communications services, but also applications such as Slack:

Meetings continue by telephone and videoconference. Apple requires employees to communicate through their FaceTime service, the Slack Technologies Inc. and Jabber application, or WebEx from Cisco Systems Inc. in order to maintain confidentiality. For file sharing, Apple limits communications only to its Productivity Inc. and its Quip and Box suite of applications.

Bloomberg also reiterates that the iPhone 12 is expected to arrive this fall without delay, while software versions such as iOS 14 and watchOS 7 are currently in development:

As part of organizing home work, Apple has limited the number of employees who can bring future versions of the software home, including the next version of iOS and iPadOS. As with hardware, employees working on unmodified software, such as the upcoming iOS 14, need approval from the highest levels of the business.

Apple also authorizes hardware engineers to bring home prototypes of future devices such as the new iPhone. In early March, contrary to its usual practices, Apple began to allow engineers to bring home the first versions of future devices to continue working during the containment period. Previously, the company only allowed certain employees to bring these types of test devices home.

Finally, it appears that Apple is running a competition for employees to share their home work stations. To relax the mood in this somewhat traumatic time, Apple launched a contest for employees: share photos of their workplaces from their homes. Apple's latest directive is as follows: If you are working on something confidential, please keep it out of the picture.