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Apple will continue to pay contract workers

Despite contradictory rumors in recent days, Apple has clarified its position regarding the payment of contract workers.


In fact, Apple has agreed to pay all contract workers, which include cleaning staff, shuttle drivers, gardeners, caretakers, and hundreds of other contractors who work primarily near Apple Park.

In recent days, rumors have spread that all of these people will no longer be paid and will no longer have health care. The Californian firm denied this news. Company spokeswoman Kristin Huguet confirmed that all contract workers will be out of the country during Apple Park's closed days: We are working with all unions to ensure that contract workers are out of these difficult times.

Bus company CEO Matt Brown said Apple has pledged to pay the wages of about 140 drivers, maintenance and operations manager for the shuttle.

Great news for all those workers who may have been at home without pay for several weeks.