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Apple Configurator 2 comes back with new features

Version 2.12 ofApple Configurator is available, the application that integrates the functions necessary to configure and manage the fleets of iPhone and iPad in schools and businesses.

Apple Configurator 2

This application allows you to configure multiple devices connected to the Mac via USB with specific settings, applications and data for students, employees or customers.

In addition, it allows you to update software, install applications and configuration profiles, rename and change wallpapers on devices, export information and documents read on the device and more. You can also examine any device to view its details, such as the serial number and hardware addresses, installed apps and profiles, and their console log.

Apple Configurator 2 is part of the device registration program to automate MDM recording, as well as the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) to continuously distribute apps from the App Store. The new preparation wizard simplifies the supervision and configuration of the various iPad devices purchased for a school class or the registration of numerous devices on the MDM server for continuous management. The built-in configuration profile editor supports creating and modifying profiles with settings from the most recent version of iOS.

Version 2.12 adds support for firmware recovery on Mac Pro (2019) and access to websites via TLS 1.0 and 1.1.

Among other novelties:

  • VPN: Configure the provider requirement for a custom SSL connection.
  • VPN: configure network options for connections with Cisco, Juniper, Pulse, F5,
  • SonicWall, Aruba, CheckPoint and custom SSL.
  • Send all traffic through the VPN connection.
  • Exclude local networks.

Apple Configurator 2 is available free from the Mac App Store.