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Apple accuses massive music piracy

Apple has been accused of music piracy for taking advantage of recorded songs. A new trial is underway against the Cupertino company.

Apple music piracy

The lawsuit alleges that Apple and a British music distribution company are involved in a "massive music piracy operation" to take advantage of certain songs.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in the United States district court for the northern district of California, accuses Apple and Adasam Limited of reproducing and distributing illegally more than 80 recordings of pirated music. Adasam is a UK based music distribution company that does not appear to have an official website. In the iTunes Store, he works with artists such as Blue Orchid, Six Week Smile and Atlantic Motion.

More specifically, the complaint indicates that Adasam is selling the recordings of "many well-known artists from the 1920s to the 1960s" on iTunes. The company?s catalog is believed to be entirely pirated, as the complainants claim that the company did not obtain the licenses necessary to duplicate the recordings.

As for Apple?s faults, the plaintiffs claim that the company has signed a contract with Adasam to distribute its catalog on the iTunes Store. In many cases, allegedly pirated copies are offered in addition to the legitimate tracks offered by record companies.

For example, a legitimate version of Lena Horne's "Stormy Weather" was sold by RCA on the iTunes Store for $ 1.29, while Adasam offered a so-called pirate copy for only $ 0.99.

The complaint also indicates that Apple and Adasam are "shamelessly" distributing pirate compositions for a series of Russian recordings.

From all of this, it seems obvious that Adasam is carrying out a standard music piracy operation. , we read in the complaint. Apple had effective situational awareness or voluntarily chose to ignore this violation.

The plaintiffs include SA Music, The Harold Arlen Trust, Ray Henderson Music Co. and Four Jays Music Company, who are claiming damages and a ban on Apple and Adasam from using these recordings in the future.