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A good start for "iAd" but too slow procedures

A month and a half after its launch, advertisers say they are satisfied with the performance achieved through the advertisements carried out in collaboration with the Apple Advertising Company (iAd). Unilever and Nissan were the first two brands to test this new form of advertising – through certain apps on the Apple App Store – and are pleased with the first results.

According to Los Angeles Times, the advertising campaign launched by Nissan for its new LEAF electric car has captured customer attention ten times longer than with conventional online advertising. It must be said that the advertisement was well prepared and looked like a real application in view of its proposed interactivity. On average, users who viewed it spent 90 seconds discovering it. On the side of Unilever – whose first campaign concerned his soap ?Dove? -, this has enabled the company to significantly increase the percentage of customers seeking more product information. Unilever also noted that 20% of the audience returned to view their advertising campaign.

Even if the first advertising campaigns ?IAd? have started well, the side "technical?Regarding the implementation would suffer some criticism from advertisers.

In launching this new advertising strategy, Apple?s C.E.O, Steve Jobs, had indicated that it was his firm that would create and distribute advertisements. It would appear that these procedures would cause significant delays.

It takes between 8-10 weeks to design an iAd advertising campaign. This important delay results from the fact that advertising agencies take time to familiarize themselves with the new HTML5 working environment and are still waiting for the final version of the development kit.

Another point, as soon as the ad is valid and put online, advertisers are not aware of the locations that are reserved for their advertisements. The latter are therefore forced to search for their own campaigns.

Finally, it is not possible to enter codes in advertising to measure audience rates (for example: Google Analytics). We must therefore be satisfied with the results given directly by the Cupertino company.

At the launch of Apple?s advertising network, 17 brands had expressed an interest in being represented through short-term iAd. Among them, Citigroup, Walt Disney. and J.C. Penney are expected to arrive very soon, while Chanel, who was quoted as the initial partner when iAd is launched, would have put his project aside according to Wall street journal.

That said, many analysts believe that the success of iAd is guaranteed.

The Cupertino company must however adapt to this new service and improve its proximity to communication with advertising agencies.

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