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The iPhone 7 would exceed the limits of radio frequency radiations

iphone 7 iconOur colleagues from The Chicago Tribune have carried out new tests on several smartphones currently available on the market. The goal ? Discover those who exceeded the limits of radiofrequencies, the famous DAS.

Among them, several recent iPhones were tested, and unfortunately, one crossed the radiation limits …


The DAS is an important element take into account thousands of users around the world before buying a smartphone. It is an index of Dbit ofATabsorption Sspecific, this is to determine the amount of energy vehicle by radio waves absorbed by the user of a cellular device.

In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission is responsible for managing this. If the smartphone is not a level below 1.6W / kg for the DAS, the smartphone is in this case refused marketing in the USA until the manufacturer has corrected the level of exposure.
In Europe, the SAR limit is more flexible, since a can go up to 2 W / kg.

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Some iPhones Exceed Radio Frequency Radiation Limits, SAR

The iPhone is one of the phones with the highest specific absorption rate on the smartphone market in the world. For example, the iPhone 8 is 1.36 W / kg when the Galaxy S10 opposite is 0.477 W / kg.

This is the case of the iPhone 7, exceeding twice the legal security limit, and even more on certain points … The tests were all carried out in the accredited laboratory, with several methods:

Standard test: phones have been tested according to FCC (Federal Communications Commission) rules and guidelines. The exposure was measured two distances from the simulation: the distance chosen by the manufacturers for their own tests before marketing (5, 10 or 15 millimeters) and a "pocket test" closer to 2 millimeters.

Modified test: Apple and Motorola phones were retested after these companies made comments based on the results. These tests added steps to activate sensors designed to reduce the power of telephones. Two newly acquired phones also underwent the modified tests.

NOTE: La Tribune has tested several iPhone 7s due to the high results obtained by a pilot test.

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Following the publication of these results, Apple wanted to react and reassure:

All iPhone models, including the iPhone 7, are fully FCC certified and in all other countries where the iPhone is sold. We are in compliance with and comply with all guidelines and exposure limits.

At this time, it is unclear what the damage caused by excess radiation may be, but the FCC wants to do new tests to find out if the devices tested actually meet safety standards.